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Thank God it's Monday Devotional 4

by David Joynt on September 07, 2022

COLOSSIANS 3:23 | 23 Whatever task you must do, work as if your soul depends on it, as for the Lord and not for humans.

The greatness of service lies in the way it advances the kingdom and also, in whom it is done for. Many people work only for their own ends. Some work to survive. Some to advance. Some to express their talents or display their gifts. Some for applause and approval. In all these ways they work for themselves. But Paul suggests it is possible to view all our work differently. Whether we work out of necessity or choice we can work for God.

Our work as much as our worship can be an offering when we see God as our boss and our working companion. We serve God in our work, no matter how high or humble, if we choose to.

Who do you work for?

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