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The Other Jesus, Week 4, Day 6

by David Joynt on June 29, 2018

The Other Jesus, Week 4, Day 6

LUKE 19:36 - 40

One lesson from this is to be careful what we celebrate and what we criticize. It is wise to take time to discern how God is at work and to remember that often his ways are surprising. He employs unusual people and unexpected channels. If in doubt we should refrain from criticism. On the other hand failure to celebrate the great things God is doing, out of jealousy or fear, is always mistaken. When the Kingdom is coming you and I must be cheering! This is one of the lessons of Palm Sunday.

What things or people do you find yourself condemning?

What do you celebrate?


Spend some time celebrating how you see God at work in church and in the world.


Tags: celebration, condemnation

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