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The Week That Changed The World Devotional February 29

by David Joynt on February 29, 2024

MARK 1:9-10 | In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. 10 And just as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens torn apart and the Spirit descending like a dove upon him.


Jesus seems to refuse to answer the question of His authority but actually the answer is hidden in His question. The baptism of John was the initiation of Jesus’ ministry. At that moment, Jesus was anointed Messiah by the descent of the Spirit. The Lord spoke from Heaven, addressing Him as “the Beloved Son,” in the language of royal hope, identifying Jesus as the messianic king.


If the questioners understood John as the forerunner and the meaning of his baptism of Jesus, they would not have any authority questions!


Jesus was anointed at His baptism and enthroned at His resurrection and ascension. Is He your true king?



Gracious God,

You rule! Not by coercion, but by love and truth. May every tongue confess Your goodness and glory.



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