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Broken and the Blessed Week 6, Day 3

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DAY 38

JOHN 14:18-21


Although purity is a struggle, particularly in our cultural context, it is also an investment in a greater knowledge of God. Our knowledge of God is not a disembodied set of free-standing facts, but a participation in His reality. As we obey God, we know Him more fully and experience Him more deeply, growing our awareness of His presence and activity. God honors our struggles for purity and rewards us, increasing our capacity for genuine enjoyment and sharpening our best and truest desires.


The final petition of the Lord’s prayer, translated literally, is “lead us around temptation and deliver us from evil.” Pray this as your theme for today and watch how God honors it.



Use the last petition of the Lord’s Prayer as a basis for discussion. What kinds of temptation are you experiencing?


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Broken and the Blessed Week 6, Day 2

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DAY 37

MATTHEW 11:27-29


“Blessed are the pure in heart, they will see God.” Matthew 5:8


A theophany is a visible encounter with God, like Moses had on the mountain of revelation, or beside the burning bush. Is this beatitude a promise for theophanies, as we achieve “clarity at the center?” God has given us the complete and true picture of himself in Jesus. When we encounter His presence and activity, it is never apart from our teacher and Lord. A ‘deeper vision of God’ comes as we understand more and more about Jesus’ teaching and feel more strongly the work of His Spirit.


Read the verses from Matthew 11 and meditate on them.

 What are you learning from Jesus?



How is God at work in your family?

Pray for a clearer sense of Jesus’ will for your crew.


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